I played games my whole life. But when I sat down and saw the things that were being written about people who play games, they didn’t feel connected to a world outside of that universe. All art forms talk to each other. For instance, if you’re a painter you’re listening to music. If you’re an architect you’re looking at design or watching TV. But for games, I felt like they were an isolated piece in my existence and weren’t connected to the outside world.
Jamin Warren - Short Journeys
Being in New York when the tech-scene emerged was really exciting. It felt like a new creative class was born. Personally, I’ve always been interested in the various creative classes of New York City. For example, I think back to the writers in Paris during the 1920s and how they were all hanging around each other and developing together as a group of highly creative and talented people. They were inspiring and supporting one another. New York felt very similar…
Mari Sheibley — Short Journeys.